By kate blue - Tuesday, October 04, 2011

and while I can't share all of my good news with you (I've been sworn to secrecy on the other) , I can dole out some things in bits-n-pieces :)  The first thing that started my happy dance rolling was this Facebook post!

Little Yellow Bicycle
Time to announce our first ever Cycling Team. We were thrilled with the interest and have plans to go for the long tour with many of you! Announcing Team Head of the Class and Team Get your Game on today.

Cycling Team Head of the Class: 

  • Kat Blue  (***ME, ME ME, yup, that's me!)
  • Cari Locken
  • Rhonda Van Ginkel 
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Shelley McDaniel
Cycling Team Get Your Game On: 
  • Nancy Doren (I<3 her)
  • Carol Monson
  • Ashley Stephens
  • Samantha Taylor
  • Kimberly Rae Forde 
so, we will be creating and unveiling some super cute stuff with this collection!  I've done 2 projects so far and am in the midst of doing 2 more:

I'm also creating some altered items for the upcoming Breast Cancer Silent Auction going on at PhotoScraps later this month...will be posting about that later this week so hope you'll come back for that!

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