Counting down the days...are u ready??

By kate blue - Friday, December 23, 2011

Flat Lance went with me yesterday to run errands and when we got to the grocery store, he got all shy  and hid in my purse:)

but believe it or not, places weren't that crowded...mind you I was nowhere near a mall or toy store or anything like that.  I went here to mail some stuff and guess what happened?
I forgot the packages that I was supposed to mail!  Grrr!!!!  So, my day today is looking too full so it may not happen this week either....I think my mind was on all the happy snail mail that I got yesterday (upcoming posts) international surprise, some super cute Christmas cards and some October Afternoon swag!

So I ask again, are you READY!!!??? Well if you aren't, just relax and  fuggedabboutit!  Christmas will still be magical :):)   Que sera sera right??? ...once I drop off my teacher's gifts and stop at Kupcakes & Co for my bus drivers today, I'M DONE! I plan on having some fun with one of my bffs tonight and chilling with my family on Saturday baking some cookies (not me, Thing 1 will bake for her momma-I shoulda said tasting some cookies) and doing some local stuff but that's about it.   Will catch up some posts on Saturday night so for now, BE COOL :):):):):)

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