Some Simple Stories since we are counting down!

By kate blue - Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's THANKFUL THURSDAY and one of the things I am always saying I am thankful for is  my son's health....despite all the developmental delays, they would not be manageable if he was still physically, I decided to finally take a big girl pill &; make the trip back down memory lane...FINALLY after all, the boy IS 7...back to age 18 months or so...
In an attempt to get school pics/artwork "documented" I took an awesome class over at my LSS PhotoScraps......Awesome  Miss Tracy B guided us through this super mini-book (and no, I didn't follow the directions but she's used to it LOL) ...base is the Fancy Pants brag book and the inside is  Simple Stories....

I haven't junked it up yet but here's my start  & my honest journaling...I know my handwriting is sheer crazy but again, it's STILL hard for me to write about those "old" days...I get shaky writing about them....

sorry for the bad pics-it's nighttime and I forgot to photograph them earlier
papers and stickers are from the Simple Stories ELEMENTARY COLLECTION
Don't forget...Simple Stories Facebook Fan Blog Hop is TOMORROW!!
Starting at 7am CST-that's what?!! 8 am for us here on the East coast!!

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