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By kate blue - Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's been a crazy busy JULY but I am finally getting into the studio and creating my July Counterfeit Kit !  Here's the SUMMER FUN inspiration kit that they "lifted" from the folks over at Scrapbook  & Cards Today :
I actually didn't have any of the papers so I started with the Bazzill stickers and built my SUMMER FUN kit from there.
closeups since my pics are all blurry and its evening time:

I hardly have any striped or chevron kinda papers so I used polka dots in many colors hearts chipboard so I used the hexagon ones.  Made my own embellishment spots in a previous CKCB kit that I hadn't used, so I recycled what I had left to get em used.

here's the back side of the double-sided papers just in case I wanna use that; I tried to keep my kit in a travel theme since we are going on a mini vacation and I HAVE to pack scrapbook supplies!  I also HAD to create my own add-on for the same reason-just things that inspired me out of the Scrapbook & Cards Today kit :)  Then I packed it up all nice and neat in that trapper keeper thingee.  All I gotta do is pack 5-6 more of these and I'll be good to go!
 so there you have it, my SUMMER FUN kit... :):) ready to be used:

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  1. Love when you can make the kit work for you - and have happy traveling while I'm thinking about it. Subbing the polka dots worked great as the kit still has the same overall mix of color & pattern. Good one sneaking in some prior kit goodies - I find I usually have some leftover but since I "made" them I don't like to leave them languishing! Can't wait to see what your journey will translate to on the page :D Enjoy!

  2. Wow, what a kit, look forward to you creations :)

  3. your kit is so bright and sunshiny, have fun scrapping with it

  4. I love your interpretation of the kit, the colors and designs are so fun! Those camera stickers are super cute, can't wait to see how you use them.

  5. You have some really wonderful pieces in here. I see some lovely papers, too! I can't wait to see what beautiful things you make with this!


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