By kate blue - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In a perfect world, we'd have the traditional pumpkins of old....but NO, teenagers gotta change it up...we gotta make elaborate carvings, we gotta jazz em up, we gotta make em scary!
My Thing 1 decides that she's into Batman and her pumpkin must be the JOKER.  So, since Thing 2 is in a copykat mode of EVERYTHING she does, he decided he too needed paint on his pumpkin...So, here we go:

*ps-pumpkin carving is hard for some of us and just a note to ya'll that if you use your Tonic Tim Holtz scissors to cut something while carving, it could cut you in a major way!  I almost sliced my fingertip off while attempting to true up a piece of my Baltimore Ravens pumpkin #ravenspumpkin...let's just say that 2 days later, it still bleeds; it was not pretty!

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  1. LOVING the photos!! Your pumpkins look awesome!! And OUCH to the finger ... hope it gets better soon!!!!

  2. Ouch sorry to hear about your finger! Your pumpkins turned out great :) GO Ravens!


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