Scrappy Sunday!

By kate blue - Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have been creating havoc on my November Counterfeit Kit...I maybe did 4-5 (or more) layouts?  Only problem is, I left my scrap tote at the bffs last week and the kit and the layouts are still there!  So, I'll have to do a catchup post next week! Meanwhile, I did something that I just started doing....KIT REMAKES! I am a big lover of using my stash by creating Counterfeit Kits but most months, I have leftover remnants and they sit in the crafter keepers until....So a few months ago, I started remaking them-stash busting PART II.  I start with the kit remnants and lay em all out on a large table:

separate everything...paper, alphas, embellishments, ribbon....I know, it looks like a mess!

and, since I'm between dates for the new CKCB reveal, I picked my own kit to counterfeit in concept only (you know, like 8 papers, 1 ribbon, gems, 2 flair buttons, that kinda thing): Cocoa Daisy Aug 2013 kit:
their paper:

their kit details:
mine: (just inspired only)

 I will add cardstock and washi as needed of course :):)
so there ya own version of Black Friday shopping all without leaving my house!!!
**Now I am gonna do this about 5-6 more times LOL

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