I'm the Queen of Unfinished projects...

By kate blue - Saturday, May 16, 2015

ok-so I was sick for a bit and my poor studio got neglected so today I came down and tidied up a bit and crafted since the kiddos were sick and hubs was working...I came across some unfinished layouts and when I some "SOME," I mean maybe 25??  I know!  So, I tackled some of them...some were just for me layouts, some were for challenges where I missed the deadline, some I just didn't like after I started and I left em...poor things...But I told myself to "Get em done."

FIRST UP:   The Pink, Gold and Black challenge at THE STUDIO CHALLENGES:  A challenge cause ya'll know how I feel about pink and it being the MAJOR color.  Yes, I do have a girl but for some reason, I've never liked pink so much....Here's me & bff2 and I used lots of gold accents.  Handcut my own freestyle feathers....but I am determined to use stash by doing challenges :)
 had to document the whole Boy Scout fiasco...that's the thing about having a child with different abilities-they try to fit in but "others" aren't always as accepting.  Painful lesson about Boy Scouts :(:( and just the social piece of his life....(insert mad face)
This one was done for Sketch # 436 at Scrapbook Challenges but I missed the April deadline...I get the layouts done but don't have time to photography & upload them!

and yeah, I actually did this one in January and hadn't finished it....deer and die cut from Paper Issues.
so there ya go...my little secret is out in the open!  Any of you guys our there doing the same???

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  1. That breaks my heart that he didn't like Scouts and that it was because he was not accepted for exactly who he is. We have two special-needs boys in our den of nine and they are a valued part of the group who would be dearly missed if they left. This is the third Pack we've joined; it took that long to find a great group of people with similar values and goals for our sons. I hope your son has found other organizations or groups where he is valued and loved.

  2. Creatively quirky projects.

  3. Oh wow!! A bunch of fabulous layouts!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. These are all amazing in their own way!!

  4. Kate, your LOs are beautiful - my fav is the Christmas one! Love, love, love it!
    You're off to a good start getting some of those unfinished project done.
    Have a great week!

  5. Very nice layouts. Great pics.

  6. You go, girl! These are fantastic! Love the bright pink, in combination with the black and gold, on our take, and those hand-cut feathers are amazing! Thanks so much for playing along with us in The Studio!


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