My June CKCB's been awhile

By kate blue - Saturday, June 13, 2015


I honestly blush when I say I have been away from CKCB (Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge) for MONTHS...I have gotten lazy and sloppy with my supplies and now, they're outta control so I'm back so I can use up my stash during the summer!  This month, their June challenge was all about BASIC GREY!

I actually put 2 kits together for my counterfeit kit.  This first one is a "semi" hack since I already had 99.9%  of the Aurora in my stash (I won it from BG long time ago and only used it on 2 layouts) and so I just added a small embellishment kit of stuff outta my stash bag:
my second kit is loosely based on their "BARISTA" kit-
 loved all the black and yellow and so I trolled around in my stash and pulled some serious vintage paper -anyone remember Tinkering Ink??!!
and while I do love coffee, I didn't put any coffee embellishment in my embellishment package cause I didn't have any!  I reserve the right to "forge" some embellishments along the way though.  I was inspired by the "inkiness" of their embellishments and the leaves of it all :)  So like I said, this kit was loosely inspired by the THEIR original.
I had some scrap pieces of more black & yellow papers and was inspired by the words so I made my own words for handcutting...found that little leaf stamp in my stamp box that I may use for a banner forge later!  Cool white arrow looking tags came from the paint section at Lowe's!   Hope you enjoyed my kit and I can't wait to show you what I create this week!

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  1. Oooh I've come over to your blog to see that you are using Barista too! Isnt it fabulous!! I'm really enjoying the mustards, yellows greys etc. Totally love your kit too! You have some yummy pieces there to play with!!

  2. Yay for you for jumping back in with two kits! They're both so different - you should be able to get a lot of use out of them. I was tempted to copy that Barista that color combination. And I never would have thought to look at Lowe's for scrapbooking supplies - I might have to take a quick trip there soon.

  3. I am glad you are back!! Love your kits!

  4. Both kits are great, looking forward to your projects.
    Cindy F

  5. nice to see you back! We missed you :-)

    The Barista forgery is perfect! Brighter than the original but I like it!!! I really love all the bits and pieces you've added to the embellishments and how you have really taken the inspiration and made it your own. The Aurora add ons are great too - love that collection.

    Nice to have you with us again!

  6. Happy to see that the Queen is back in the house :-)
    Love that your stash made the Aurora forgery easy-peasy!
    Hope you get to use up your stash this month.
    I'm late to the Linky this month so I'm sure there's something else to see! onward...


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