Thankful Thursday

By kate blue - Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's a rainy Thursday but I'm still thankful...I'm trying to rise above the storm and the stress of waiting for medical test results for the boy...with that being said, what do the stressed do when they are sick (I caught a slight cold this week) and stressed???!! THEY organize supplies and they SCRAPBOOK!

 kits always make for fast layouts- Voila! Quick and easy layouts

I'm just glad I'm always using old and new supplies together and always using stash!!

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  1. I know firsthand the torture of awaiting medical results. I hope that you can get some answers. (((hugs))) Each of your layouts are super! I love the star vellum background, but the second layout is my favorite. It's so sweet. BL

  2. Fun and creative layouts. Bloggie Love


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