April 27, 2008

printers/scanners/cords are in limbo

as I move from a smaller space...to a bigger one! I feel like the people on CLean House though who can't throw anything away-HELP! Where's Niecy Nash when you want her??????????? So, anyway, I can't upload any pictures till I find my camera cord too...but I did want to say that most people know I love and adore Tracie Hudson's work but I also love the stuff that Aline a.k.a Janine Langer comes up with...her blog is here http://scrap.wildline.de/ and she can also be found at http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/userprofile.asp?user_id=299997 and of course you can find both at www.pencillines .com- Above's a cool page that I loved just at a fast glance today from Jana Eubanks at pencillines. Loved the great embellishments and the fantastic use of white space.

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