May 28, 2008


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Ambrea @ Come Home Cottage said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting and entering into my giveaway! TSP is a liquid that is used for heavy duty cleaning. I used a tsp substitue that accomplished about the same thing, but doesnt require as much cleanup, etc... Go to Home Depot or Lowes (I went to Menards) and you'll find this stuff in an isle dedicated to cleaning solution. You'll dilute it and wipe it on/off with a rag.
Don't start this unless your committed! It will clean your cabinetry (it's scary what grime is there that you don't see untill it starts dripping off)but, it will probably lighten the color too. Go for it! It's allot of work, but sooooooo worth it. I love my new look and it only cost about $100! JUST DO IT! If your cabinets are ugly like mine,than what do you have to loose?

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