July 5, 2008

4th of July update

Well the day didn't REALLY go as planned...went to the military base and those crooks were in the money making department...charged $12 per KID for cheesy blow up ride thingees (can't think of their name)...did I mention that it STORMED and we got SOAKED? And ohh yeah, B lost his glasses in the rain....and finally , the fireworks that went on as scheduled were just bloody awful! But we are free and allowed to have liberties that other people in other countries can only DREAM of, so I guess it's a trade off...kids were ok with the cheesyness of it all so ....

Before I'm off to bed, I'm excited that Embellished idol starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!
http://embellished.typepad.com/idol_2008/ Woohoo!!!

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