August 26, 2008

Today is a sad day :(

My sister had to put her dog down since he had gotten very's been a year since he started having issues and problems and she & bro-in-law had to make the painful decision today to let him go to doggy heaven....very painful time and we are quite sad for him and for them...not only was he a beautiful, sweet, lovable and extremely gentle dog, but he was the BEST dog/non-human companion we'd ever met in our entire life; HE will be missed EVERYDAY ....REST IN PEACE KAZI- WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

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L ~ fiskateer #4499 said...

Thanks for your kindness & support. M & I are having a time, missing Kazi like crazy! I just hope he is running free in doggie heaven w/o any problems to worry about anymore. He def was the best dog ever!
thanx again!

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