September 13, 2008

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GiGi, Dina, ...they wanted to know about the street/house you grew up in...well, when you are in a military family that is really hard to do cause you forget stuff. AND there aren't that many pictures that can be found. BUT I can say that my children are being raised right where they were born....I guess I responded since you gotta scrap the stuff you remember even if pics aren't available right Dina?

Coxwold? nice neighborhood with some awesome neighbors who believe in taking care of each other. Whatever you need, they got it or are willing to get time of need, they are there with prayer, hugs and goodies :) It's a mixed community that's about 13 years old, 3 streets with about 20 single-fam houses on each {maybe less, I never counted}, 90% of us all had kids at the same time and everybody knows each other. No pink flamingos, no dwarf dudes in the yards, no crazy color doors..not allowed!

Hey, and after September 14th NOT the 15th as originally stated, you can go to to catch more inspiration and excitement!!!!!!! Yeah ladies, I want in on the contest to celebrate the Kenner Road opening and blog party!!

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