September 15, 2008

OLW- One Little Word

found this site by accident while reading Karla Dudley's ( ) blog. OLW is here: and

Their word challenge # 35 is LOVE so I decided to take the plunge. While cleaning up my junky scraproom, found this box of high priced transparancies that I paid too much for and thought I should open 'em up and use 'em. So, here is my take on it. I had thought to use a different picture but some of them are still too much & too painful to look at on a scrapbook page.


charity.sorrells said...

Dude!! Your blog is named kateblue!! That should earn you some extra points!!! ;)
Thanx for stopping by!!

And go on with your bad self and your OWL project.....marvelous!

Gigi said...

your page is absolutely phenomenal

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