October 10, 2008

Everybody knows I'm a big fan

of Pirates of the Caribbean movies so I was excited to read this:

Tim Burton could direct Johnny Depp in Pirates 4
by John Frost

Which director has produced some of the best acting out of Johnny Depp? Why Tim Burton, of course. So that makes me very excited about the rumor that Burton has been tapped to direct the fourth movie in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. Burton is currently working with Depp in the Alice In Wonderland movie.

also to add to it by the Scoop, Most excitingly, there are talks of Captain Jack having a brother in the next movie, possibly to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen (perfect!) or Russell Brand (even more perfect!) Of course, that's probably just fantasy casting, but why would either of those comedians turn the role down? As we've mentioned before, the new movie might kick off a trilogy, which would revolve around Captain Jack's search for the Fountain of Youth.

Geoffrey Rush and director Gore Verbinski are apparently both planning to return, but... and this is a big maybe... Tim Burton might direct instead. Tim Burton! If there is a single director who could make people excited for a fourth Pirates movie, it has to be Burton. He's done so many amazing movies with Depp already, and might have the ability to make the new franchise as fresh and exciting as it was when the first movie came out. After all, Tim Burton is already making a movie for Disney, and if Alice in Wonderland is going well, you can see how they'd want to hang on to him

Again, this information is all up in the air, and could change at any moment. But still, this is the best news we've heard about the next Pirates movie, and pretty much the magic bullet it'll take to make most of us care. Russell Brand, get on the phone with your agent, and make this happen!

I'm all for it, who cares who's directing and who plays Johnny Depp's brother?

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