December 1, 2008

hard to believe it's December

already-so many things to be thankful for as we close November and start December....
Stacy Julian posted a list she wrote this week on her blog, and I took a few minutes to quickly jot some of my many blessings (some big, some little, some weird):

coffee*modern medicine*surgeons*peace*american flag*democracy*choice*ice tea*music*family*health*my own scraproom*cozy blankets*beach*friendship*books*
kisses*education*God's blessings and favor*pasta*seafood*faith*love*soul*
warm boots*dancing*smiles*gratitude*love*cheesecake* multi-tasking*reflection*sun*
travel* rejuvenation*american sign language for without it, "WE" would be lost!*
the 5 senses for indeed they are gifts; you don't realize it until one is gone or is compromised :)

Have a great week everybody!!!!!!!!!!

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