January 10, 2009

am still crossing my fingers XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

about these guys...am not sure if they really came to win today {sigh}..score is tied but they are playing like SH*T.


Anonymous said...

Re: your sticking up for Sasha......DT's don't choose people (of ANY color) who can't spell or use grammar correctly. I would also think that her "FU" post put the nail in that coffin anyway. Wake up, people!!!!!!

Mardi said...

A friend of mine if a huge fan of the Eagles! Go Eagles

KateB said...

***I will not be posting other comments that i recd regarding Sasha so....they are from insecure and angry people who really need validation from their own family and friends and not from ME. It's childish, I recall it being similar to when my own kids sometimes want negative attention rather than no attention. I just don't have time to baby cyber bullies.

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