January 13, 2009

New site, new challenges

I think I found this yesterday on Tanisha's blog and thought it would help me find my lost "mojo"...get me to scrappin' some pages! The Design X Experiment's challenge was to ask yourself, "what if you had one more HOUR in our day?" Do you think you could accomplish more? Do that one little thing that you just didn't have enough time for? If you had an additional hour every day, how would you spend it?

HMMMMM......I don't allow myself to get stretched too thin so although the answer wasn't hard, putting a page together was. That's been the problem...anyhoo, here's the LO....not a great layout; scale and embellishments are is off but I will continue to trudge along.

1 comment:

Mardi said...

Stop being so hard on yourself, it is a beautiful LO! I think you have your mojo going!

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