January 19, 2009

Up and coming stuff (Toot ahead)

Hmm, let's see... JYAS *****I will be one of the next featured "artists" (if you can call me that) {hehehehe} at http://youraveragescrapbook.blogspot.com/ sometime around January 25th or 26th...but for now, go check out their site and check out this weeks's featured scrapper MEG. She has some very, very nice projects and layouts. I'll be lurking around her blog the rest of the evening until my cold medicine kicks in :) Maybe you will be inspired to post some of your layouts for others to be inspired. Again, sorry about the link thingees on my blog; I'm not that good at blogging and don't know how to do it correctly-somebody's gotta teach me! Volunteers????

Then, in February, I will be one of the featured artists @ Scrapbooking.com newsletter/online site!! They actually liked 2 canvases I did of Thing 1 and Thing 2 so hopefully you'll see those soon.

1 comment:

Jeune Girl Crafts said...

Hey Kate! Thanks so much for your kind words and giving me a shout out on your blog... I'm feelin' the love!! You rock! I'll reciprocate by stalking you... deal?

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