March 12, 2009

Deaf Actors on upcoming episode of Law & Order

April 3 - DEAF ACTORS in Law & Order: Criminal Intent

After much rumor and anticipation - NBC has made it official!
Law & Order: Criminal Intent is featuring an episode called "The Silencer",
starring a talent-heavy cast of Deaf actors, including:

Deanne Bray
Alexandria Wailes
Garrett Zuercher
Darren Frazier
Hillary Baack
Willy Conley
Raymond Luczak

Adding to the excitement, NBC broke history by hiring the most Deaf extras
(35 people!) for a network TV episode.

Please tune in to your local NBC provider on Tuesday, April 3rd at 9pm to
watch the exciting bullet-ridden drama unfold!

Also, if you plan to watch this episode with a group of friends, please,
please, please turn your TV on, or record the episode so the Nielsen ratings go through the roof! Then more Deaf actors will be asked back to work!

Support your friends! Support your acting community!

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