April 11, 2009

Spring Break is coming to a close......

got some spring cleaning-I did say SOME....painting is done...still have clothes in baskets waiting for the cleaning lady to show up to put them away (oops that would be ME)...my kids are having a great time away from me and I have caught up on my rest -it's been a great spring break!

Got to get some reading done-another David Baldacci novel out of the way and am starting on a Jodi Piccault (is that her name???) book! Great reads...

Caught up on some of my fav guys on tv....

HIM (wish he had me on the road with him while filming the triple-D thang- Deep Fried episode with the falafel-loved that one ****Yummyliciousness !)

and HIM

Glad this dude is back!!!! The show wasn't the same with out HIM and his English self. Love this show and didn't even know it was on last month so....am glad it's back on to entertain me on Wednesday nights.

all photos courtesy of the Food Network and the official Robert Irving blog:)

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