June 12, 2009

Hola Maria!!!

Speaking of health care, my friend Maria knows all about health care issues too and she finally has entered the land of Etsy and blogging! Since we last saw each other, her Ben has grown up (sniff sniff) and she's been back in dental school {applause, applause} and in another chapter called life, she's brought her fabulous art to be enjoyed to regular folks like me who can't draw to even play Pictionary.....

Check out what I mean here Personalized Sketches

Did I mention she's having an awesome giveaway??? You'll have to go there and see for yourself but there is a deadline (june 19th) so do it today !

1 comment:

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Thanks for your posting and link to my blog :o) It is amazing to think that the fabulous CMN trip, our families were able to go on, was two years ago and that Ben is now a Sophomore in college!

I appreciate your confidence in me about dental school, but not me! It is our two daughters that are in dental school. In May, I graduated from dental hygiene (finally!) and that program was intense enough for me!

You are too funny about your comment on your ability to draw! Hmmm... let's play some Pictionary! heehee

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