June 12, 2009

President Obama declares that it's time to fix health care

According to the AP wire-

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Undertaking a new and aggressive push to enact health reform this year, President Barack Obama bluntly challenged Republican critics on Thursday to put forward their own plan to expand coverage to the uninsured and help struggling families afford care.

"To those who criticize our efforts, I ask them, `What's the alternative?'" Obama said at a town hall-style meeting, surrounded by supportive citizens in the heartland.

"What else do we say to all those families who spend more on health care than on housing or on food? What do we tell those businesses that are choosing between closing their doors and letting their workers go?"

I just wanna know why the g%$damn Republicans and the President's critics haven't "fixed" health care already since they are so damn smart-how do people keep expecting this one man to "fix" every damn thing in his first 6 months of office when it's been screwed up for at least 10 years? Maybe I just don't get it-some friends and I were talking about health care and especially the cost of hospitalization, testing and prescription medicines so that's what prompted me to comment on the headlines-My parents are some of the lucky few who get their medical care and Rxs almost cost free since my dad is a retired military veteran-without those benefits; they'd be in the poor house. I know a few friends whose kids have had cancer (some in remission, some who lost the battle)and whose astronomical medical bills are causing them to almost lose their homes and their marriages due to financial pressures. Some have had to use their retirement and kids college funds to pay the medical bills instead; stuff like that....

It's a shame that they can't all work together WITH this NEW President (yeah haters who think they start a new job and are PERFECT from their first day :), he's still a NEWBIE) and stop Monday night quarterbacking & finger pointing to find solutions to this and other issues. Make what reporters have to report on REAL NEWS instead of reporting on dumb things like whether Miss America should've been fired {who cares} or whether the Elder Mr. Bush is gonna parachute for his 85th bday {another who cares} or whether Heidi & Spencer REALLY get off the island {pleez who really cares-I say give Janice the $$}....I'm just sayin'..........

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