September 26, 2009

Back from hell...but I'm thinking I should

go back to bed...have had the flu for 6 days and decided to get up, take a shower and TRY to feel better but sometimes that backfires because your family thinks they need to bombard you with all the shit that Dad hasn't taken care of like school papers, overdue dvds, dinner, and just being all around pests...I'm exhausted just listening to them talk talk talk..all I asked for was for an hour to catch up my facebook, email and blog!!?? What's a girl gotta do?  Wish I would had my laptop fixed in times like these...on that note, I did have my Tim Holtz tags for the swap done BEFORE I got sick; I actually started feeling sick as I was finishing them up; sneak peeks tomorrow..but all the other blog challenges and the Scrapgal crop took a backseat to this thing called flu!  It was no joke; the constant days of excrutiating migraines alone wanted me to hang myself..combine that with fever, sore throat and diarrhea were no joke-I'm thankful that Thing 2 remained symptom free...Thing 1 on the other hand passed it to me after 5 days of sickness but hers wasn't like mine; she had sore throat and the migraine only...Dad missed it since he was in Chi-town for the first 3 days of it!  My daughter does get a special treat for holding down the fort and watching Thing 2 and keeping him fed...

on that note, I am tired and am crawling back in bed-hope to get a good nights sleep, get up in the am and rain or no rain (it's pouring here), open the windows, chlorox and soap the house, and post my tags tomorrow and just do some blog catchup .  Thank you to all my internet and real friends who sent me emails wondering where the hell I was!!

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