September 6, 2009

Wizard of Oz**one of my favorite movies**

We love the Wizard of Oz in this house and while researching something for a layout, I came across this release....In honor if it's 70th anniversary, Warner Bros. has remastered and redigitalized (is that a word?) the beloved WOZ in high-def and is releasing it in local cinemas for ONE NIGHT ONLY* Nationwide* September 23rd at 7pm...Check your local movie listings for advance tickets; I know I'll be there!
Warner Home Video is also using one of the iconic hot air balloons from the movie and it is traveling all over the country (current location Cincy, OH) to promote the release of the remastered DVD.  The first unveiling of the 7-story balloon was held in Dorothy's home, Kansas of course :) and after floating the skies of America and visiting hot air balloon festivals, it's final destination will be at an unforgettable Oz gala at NY's Tavern on the Green this month.
For now, Enjoy Thing 1 who has been each of the beloved characters as part of her Wizard of Oz Trilogy, she was Glinda the Good Witch  first, then Dorothy, then the Wicked Witch- costumes are hand-sewn courtesy of Granny Rosita...except the witch-store bought by mommy :)


Shazza said...

Hi Kate,

I came across your site whilst you do!!

love it it!

Some great works of art here! If you love to do challenges, I run two challenge sites, and would love to get a piece of your art work to showcase.... so,

If you're bored lol...... and looking for a challenge with a twist, why dont you try one of my challenges at either ARTastic =
From Screen 2 Scrap =
I would love to see you participate and have a go!!


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures, they bring back nice memories.

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