October 14, 2009

BASB Photo Mix Challenge

It's Denise's turn for the challenge this time...Due to her love of playing with photos, she thought this challenge should involve editing them somehow.

The BASB Challenge:  A mix up. Make a creation using a mixture of color and black & white photo(s). You have the option on how many photos you include. If you are a superstar at editing and want to do one black & white with spot coloring, go for it. You put whatever spin on the challenge you wish. Here's my take-I can photoshop a little bit so I just did a spot color removal of the green jacket and bumped up the color of her hat...she was sitting all alone in the pumpkin patch and I captured her from afar...Beauty that she is :)


Denise said...

Look at you! Upping the ante. I love how you played and did the mix up within one photo. You did a fabulous job! Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge! :o)

Valerie Bishop said...

This is gorgeous!!

Myra B. said...

What a fabulous layout!

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