December 25, 2009

December/ Holiday Gratitude list

Thanks Jessica J for the's been passed around but a good thing to share as a Christmas blog post...just a few things I'm grateful for this month....

1. Spending time with great friends and/or family.
2. A nice cuppa joe. or two. or three.

3. Clean bill of health-and I pray for Kim and baby Ryan that 2010 will be better in the health dept.
4. Heat, electricity and hot water.
5. Wonderful friendships.
6. Our small but cute Christmas tree, filled with lots of memorable ornaments.
7. My son's excitement and joy this Christmas since to us, this is his FIRST "OFFICIAL" Christmas
8. The joy of books and reading.
9. Seeing Christmas lights & decorations.

10. Excitement of the Festival of Lights!
11. Peace and quiet.
12.  Great store bought desserts since I don't like to bake.
13.  Simplifying (think Jesus not Santa)
14.  Reading bedtime stories with the kiddos.
15.  Hampden-Hey hon!
16. Christmas movies that we love-  Elf (we've seen it at least 30 times), A Christmas Story-Hey Ralphie, you'll poke your eye out!   Santa Claus 1, 2, and 3 and Fred Claus (gotta have my Vince fix)

17. Vintage Christmas music-played over and over and over
18.  special Chistmas breakfast
19.  receiving Christmas cards in the mail (a slowly dying tradition)
20.  reconnecting with old friends in any way-blogging, fbook, telephone...
21. Christmas spirit
22. Love
23. Hope
24.  therapists (of the speech kind)
25. Livelihood-so that my husband can take care of his family until everything else gets sorted out.

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laterg8r said...

what wonderful things to be grateful for!

merry christmas :D

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