January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Another decade starts and for those who do resolutions, that's fine but I never could maybe cause I never stick to them.  Too much pressure I guess.  I do have some personal goals that are all vanity related-Hey, I'm a woman, what can I say???  Other than that, I just keep trying to just LIVE...We've always been soemwhere in the middle of this thing called LIFE.  I'm grateful for the whole journey even though there have been times in 2009 when I was thinking that GOD thought I had shoulders like Ray Lewis or somebody.  There "were" major worries but they were about stuff I couldn't control so in 2010 I'm working on just letting whatever happen happen (que sera sera kinda thing) But in the grand scheme of things, there are people who are doing more with less, who don't have the blessings of health, family or resources that I have so, in all, we're doing pretty darn good! 

Didn't see the ball drop last night-we had a nice dinner and ONE drink, chatted with some friends for a bit, watched a few of the musical acts (B.E.P, Justin Beiber, Beyonce, David Guetta)  and then everybody settled in to do their own thing...mine was to curl up with the newest James Patterson novel, I, Alex Cross...great read so far!  But, once you've seen the ball drop.....ya know...it's redundant.

{E} and I just went to our monthly dinner and a movie (we just decided today to make this a 2010 treat to ourselves) -to see this: 

and then off to our all-time favorite foodie joint:
{Cheesecake Factory}

and so now, since it's still early, until it's time to pickup Thing 2 from the skating rink, I'm gonna catch up on emails, blogs and blogging!


laterg8r said...

kat, great way to spend the new year, reading a good book :D

i totally get the Large print books too LOL :D i had laser eye surgery a few years back and now am all about not straining the eyes (and getting good books sooner) :D

laterg8r said...

ps - read all david baldacci :D

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