January 29, 2010

this internet thing is pdc**

pretty damn cool-sometimes...most times...but facebook has allowed me to connect with some folks from WWWAAAYYY back when {B, sorry for dating us but trust me, it was the 80's}...sent a message to "this" guy who I knew in {dare I say it out loud?} MIDDLE SCHOOL and lo & behold, he was traveling out this way today! . Since he had some time to kill before his flight back home, we connected today for a few hours for lunch and conversation.  He was visiting the oh so chilly state of Maryland all the way from sunny California!  He was as handsome & charming as ever and I so loved seeing him and chatting about family & life ...we both agreed to get together again the next time he's in town andalso to call some more of our friends in the area so we can get together for dinner & drinks :)  So, while sometimes the internet can popup some folks u'd rather stay in the past, THIS TIME  it was nice to see a childhood friend :)

Me & Bryan @ airport

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