April 16, 2010

Friday Scrapper-MEET Joe ya'll!

I finally have gotten around to featuring my first scrapper DUDE on my blog....Heeerrre's Joe G !  And before you say WHAH??? just go check him out...self taught scrapper/crafter and he puts some of us chicas out to shame! No lie.  No joke. He loves his dogs, his godchildren, his family and best of all, his love for all mediums of art.  And it shows in his crafts fo shizzle.

I love a sh3tload of his projects, especially his vintage goods, but I'll show ya just what a sneak peek of his "Hello Kitty" album looks like-shows his versatility and he has more of it on his BLOG  and, while you are over there letting him know that Queen Kat sentchya, check out his studio too.  I know that if I ever get to wrangling an invite from him, I would love to visit him and just hang out in that fab space and create some good stuff.  His studio blows me away!  Happy Friday everybody!!!!


The Scorpian Crafter said...

Wow....his work is amazing!

Sara said...

how fabulous kate! thanks for sharing!


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