May 20, 2010

Children Helping Children Annual Portrait Event

Event: June 6, 2010 -- July 27, 2010 **** Kimberly, Kari & Leslie of Kimberly Fine Portraiture are embarking on their 6th Annual John Hopkins Children's Center Annual Portrait Event for charity to raise $ for the Hopkins Childrens Center, a place that is near and dear to this family's heart.

They are so excited to announce their Natural Lighting studio will be the highlight of this year’s fundraiser!  Only 60 Sessions available   $200 donation for black & white session, $ 175 donation of color (410) 356-1330 to reserve your session!

Kimberly was so gracious as to photograph Brandon {and sister} since he is one of the Johns Hopkins Miracle Kids and was one of their sick child Ambassadors :)  lovely lovely lovely yes??!
Participants receive a Beautiful 8"x8" Marquis Salon Portrait- you can also contact her by phone, on facebook or at*** Call now!


*charygirl said...

OH MY! That's one gorgeous photo!

Abby's Garden said...

Hello there, got a little blog hopping time on my hands so I'm visiting a few of my friends:) Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave me a lovely comment about my Somerset Life means a lot!


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