May 20, 2010

Found a new site (not crafty related) today..and actually figured

out HOW I found "this" girl, chick, chica,.....I linked on kristen summers' blog and looked at her links and you know that *crazy* words like *beeyotch* pop out at me; anyway, I click on it since the word popped out and it was combined with Weight Watchers...btw, I'm down 13 lbs even if nobody else can tell yet but wait till I get sexy like this Miss Bad-Ass...she has a great attitude and she looks fab!  I think imma ask her permission to post her on my frig; especially the pic where she's doing the bike marathon all glammed gotta look the role and I see a lot of people in WW or people who already lost tons of weight who need a makeover to reflect their "new " outer self..immm just sayin'; I'm not being shallow...anyway, the gurl's got a sweet blog and it's worth following.

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QueenPam said...

Don't be sorry, weight loss it partly about how we are gonna look on the outside when its over! Yeah Yeah Yeah its also about better health blah blah blah. But its about the outside too! When I get to "that" size I'm gonna buy some spandex! QP
Ps thanks for visiting my blog.

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