June 25, 2010

It's been a year and a day...

and after watching This Is It last night, I can still say MJ will always be the King of PoP...he was freaking amazing!  Only looking at the musical standpoint, he was truly a Musical genius; I was ok until he started to sing "I'll Be There" **just took me back in time to when I was hanging out with Tony, Erik and Winston and was a HUGE lover of all things Prince and Michael Jackson (1983-1985ish) and I then stayed a fan of both all my life....it's true when some say nobody can duplicate this type of talent...  Christina Aguilera will reportedly join Marc Anthony and a few other celebrities in paying tribute to Jackson on CBS' "The Early Show"; the music network FUSE will premiere two documentaries: "Michael Jackson: The Inside Story" and "Michael Jackson: A Tribute"; CNN will feature "Michael Jackson: His Final Days"; and BET announced that it will include a tribute in its 10th annual BET Awards show on Sunday.

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