June 6, 2010

Now the party don't start

till I walk in...you knew it was coming...tomorrow and all week I celebrate this kick ass musician, songwriter, entertainer, super funk master, originator of style, sheer musical talent and genius-Can't nobody and I do repeat NOBODY put it down like him...PRINCE ROGERS NELSON, born tomorrow ( June 7, 1958) in Minneapolis..that's right, HIS ROYAL BADNESS, aka TAFKAP, the Artist, O(+>, and other nicknames was born today and I salute him ALL week (it is my blog yes??) since he has been my ALL TIME favorite artist (MJ is 2nd place) ever since I was what ?? maybe 16 or 17 years old??!! All I can say is that he rocks !!!! Thank you Prince, for all the years of your music and talents....aaahh, the memories :)  and for this, I will have my Prince playlist on my the blog THIS WEEK ONLY***

Here's the early dayz when I fell in love with this guy :)  Prince's first album, For You , was recorded at the Record Plant recording studio. Subsequently, the album was mixed in LA and released in 1978. 

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