July 13, 2010

Thank you, thank you veddy much...

my beautiful new friend Darlene (aka Miss ScrappyGoLucky aka My Dahling) has graciously awarded me with a sunshine bloggie (Blog Award) for being a scrappin' inspiration!  And to keep with the tradition, I'm supposed to post 10 things about ME that you may/may not know-so here goes:

1. I dislike cell phones for many reasons and that could be why I hardly ever keep track of mine.
2. I don't drink soda hardly ever...maybe once every coupla months.  My kids don't either.
3. Silver jewelry thrills me !! Lots!!

4 Etsy is my new addiction.  Especially for bracelets.
5.  I am a fraternal twin; born on the 13th of July (yup, today is my b-day)-I am the younger twinnie by 7 minutes.  
6.  Eighties was the best decade ever...that includes fashion AND muzik.
7.   I don't wear flipflops outside the house even if I have a pedicure-something to do with my sweaty feet :0 
8.   I love comedy-everything from Blue Collar, Jeff Dunham, George Lopez** all the way to Katt Williams.
9.   Am a lover of ALL things Micheal Jackson, Prince and Madonna...again, it's an 80's thing...
10.  Despite the tons of flavors out there, my favorite ice cream is and always will be Vanilla-yes, plain old Vanilla.

NOW, on to MY 6 (I just picked 6 cuz I wanted to) crafty BLOGGERS THAT Inspire me all the time-in no particular order are:
1.  Myra @ Maganda Memories
2.  Sherry @ Got Art ?
3.  Jenny aka Chez
4.  Cassie @  Cassie Box
5.  Alissa 
6.  MandyK @ RustyStars& DustBunnies
**I'm not even describing WHY I love these blogs; just hop over yourself and YOU'll see...each is different and crafty and totally awesome....TOTALLY.


Darlene Servolini said...

Lol to your flip-flops and 80's comments! HAHA!!

Myra said...

You are so sweet! Love your top 10, especially #6. The older I get the more true this is! ;-)

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