August 31, 2010

Where do you blog? party

the ultrafab Kate (not me, the OTHER one) from Centsational Girl (if u don't know her blog, you should) wants to peek at your blog spaces!! I'm fortunate, I have a dedicated space just for me even though the kids are welcome in here at any time, unlike some other people (*hubby, cough cough) who don't want the kids messing up their room.  I like that my room is down here in the basement so it's nice and quiet at nite when I'm in the world of blogland.  I can blog and listen to music or listen to the tv without bothering anybody espec on those nites when I have that dreaded thing called insomnia.
desk closeup-this is clean to me !
blog area
sewing/display area
crafty corner/printer station
Most folks that read the blog earlier this week know I was doing a fall cleanup of the work room and so this is as clean as it was gonna get for now...I think I'll paint the back wall by the tv and redo it once I redo the cork board frames but not this week...I did manage to unearth tons of junk for the Goodwill and even boxed up a box or two for the OTHER OTHER Kate (my PA Kate) so she can donate scrap supplies and books to crafty teens who don't have $ for supplies.  I can now see my desk and my table again!  The side area that houses all the craft papers supplies is still in progress (translation=hot mess) so no pics of that!  ps- Essandra, remind me to get Ken to take your tables & lamps upstairs on the weekend; I need to get to the closet!!
where do you blog?  Link up at Kate's so we can check you out!!


that girl said...

You had me at Hello Kitty....

xinex said...

How nice for you to have a place to do all your crafting and computing...Christine

Lisa said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blogging space. Crisp & clean is exactly what I was trying to achieve! It doesn't always look like that however with four children, hubby and three cats in the house!! Love your cosy, comfey space!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love that you have Mrs. Incredible on your desk! That's fun. :-)

Lisa said...

Kate, you're so lucky to have all that great space for your projects! Thanks for checking out mine too. You have a beautiful birthday girl!!

Darlene S. said...

What a fun idea for the blog space party. I never really thought of making my computer desk pretty... perhaps I need to! lol

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