August 18, 2010

Where has the summer gone??
as I catch up on blogs this week, it seems as though for many, school has started! Our kids still have 2 more weeks to grab their last bit-o-fun before seeing those big yellow monsters and feeling the end-of-summer blues... but I just love some of these really cute back to school items; they make it more fun!!
snapping gator staple remover from

clocky from

Recycled Post-its from


AmesOx said...

My Goodnes those backpacks are ADORABLE!!! and I love love the staple remover :) We still have 3ish weeks before school starts back up....I am procrastinating though!! lol... I really need to start getting their supplies in order. So far we only have the clothes taken care of, and if my girls had their way that's all they would get for school!!

Lydia said...

hahahahaha I love the gator staple remover too cute!

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