September 30, 2010


am finally back home and just wanted to again thank everyone for their was a rough week but it's back to the grind on this side of town...I missed Thing 2 terribly and I think he missed me too!!Attended Back-to-School nite last night and that was an eye opener (I had skipped it last year)...all I can say is that our nation's teachers are some amazing folks who are truly dedicated to our children and are passionate about learning. It's my area of focus this year to find little ways {but not candy} to appreciate them on a monthly basis.

Entered this LO a bit ago for a contest over at My Minds Eye but no winner so I'm sharing...and yeah, I know I scrapped this picture for me and one for gonna finish packing up stuff for the yard sale over at Photo Scraps this weekend; I hope you Marylanders are gonna come out and buy some stuff...I'll post about it later today.

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