September 2, 2010

no crafty reason for this post....

many of us in the scrapping world are just cyber friends but sometimes it feels like we really do know each other from our creations and works of art and as in my case, many times, I get to meet some of these friends IRL......for those of you who have love altered art and mixed media, you should know of Sherry G from the Got Art ? blog...someone I could only hope to meet if I'm ever out Cali way..well, she has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I just wanted to send a request that you all send her "net" prayers and hugs on her blog as she gets ready to undergo a double masectomy {sp?}and chemo...since I've seen 2 family members {soon to be 3} undergo different treatments for cancer, I know this is a hard journey; we all know that it is taxing on the mind, body and spirit...please take a moment and send her some love today so that she can read all the well wishes to help her fight the battle courageously...all I know is that CANCER REALLY SUCKS!   ps-and if anybody has her snail mail, can u send it to me? ???

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Amy said...

I am so sorry to hear heart goes out to her and her family!

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