October 26, 2010

Discovered a new place while over @ Cassie's

Imagine a place to find all the blogs you could ever imagine; not just scrapbooking & paper crafts either...but they are numero uno on my list....ONE place. Hop over to The Blog Guidebook
You could meet new people, discover tons of new blogs  and discover new things!  And, you can add your own blog to their list !


Cassie said...

That Cassie...she has everything!
Thanks for visiting Paper Issues!!
That bag from Cathe is super clever!!
p.s. I never met a cake I didn't like!

kiwithekreator said...

OOOH, thanx for that link, Kat...I need that in my life! ANOTHER important place to spend time on the internet...I'm sure my fam LUUUUVS you right now! :P

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