October 28, 2010

hard to believe it's almost Halloween

and I meant to dazzle you with some new Halloween creations this week but, I got the sickness that the kids have had all month...it finally hit me like a mack truck so I haven't created one teensy little thing...my body is screaming for Nyquil like an addict so I'm just gonna give in and grab the green tea and Nyquil and hit the snooze for a bit...I'll leave you with some retro pics, layouts and projects from October/Halloweens past.  No blogging till Monday since I've got tons of errands leading up to the busy weekend full of festivities with friends.  Repeat after me: I SHALL BE WELL, I SHALL BE WELL, I SHALL BE WELL..........wish me luck!!! and hope you have a safe, candy filled (but not too much), fun Halloween !!

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