October 9, 2010

LOTD and my Friday gal**a DO-OVER

am back up & running with both a new keyboard and mouse! Anyway, it was such a beautiful day...temps climbed up to 82!  I got tons of stuff accomplished but none of it related to fall decor or Halloween unfortunately...those blue glazed pumpkins at Hobby Lobby are still calling my name :)  Am off to grab some grub, grab a drink and do some crafty stuff for a friend...but before I go, let me RE-POST my Friday Scrapgal.....I didn't do her justice since I had the wacky keyboard and couldn't post at all...My Friday scrapgal is cool, eclectic and very crafty-some of you guys thought I featured Keandra for 2 weeks straight but no, I meant one of the gals on Keandra's  DT...CHARITY!!  I couldn't even type her name last night soooo soorrryyy!! Anyway, look at this stuff that SHE created:
and this:
her kiddo :)
AND she also shares my passion for all things Harry Potter...my Friday and Saturday and Sunday scrapper is none other than Charity aka Charygirl !! Hop over, leave her some love and tell her Queen Kat said hi !!


Savitri said...

Hi!! Fabulous projects here!!! Love how you tore the bottom of the pattern paper on the scrappy page!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it :)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

hey kate---send me a blank email so i can share some exciting news with you!!!

that girl said...

Love you Kate....you still make me blush! I'm honored...Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

It's official. Monkeyboy had me start reading Harry Potter to him for our reading homework! I'm just as stoked as he is to revisit Hogwarts. ;)

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