November 12, 2010

Featured Friday Scrapgal

hmmm...who to pick? Well, since we are in November and Thanksgiving/ Being Thankful is a main theme of the month, I thought I'd choose someone who is rocking the fall/autumn/holiday goodies already while us lallygaggers mess around and procrastinate.   Today's featured crafter is Tracy, known to some as Craft Junkie Too...she's got layouts, altered projects (see frame at the right), videos, and great tips for you cricut users too!  Hop over and lurk around her blog, get inspired and leave her some Queen Kat L-O-V-E !  If there's something inspiring on your blog or a friend's blog , I'd love to feature and link you; just send me a note/email/comment!       

Ps-I'm testing a smaller font, when is Blogger gonna update some fonts/styles??

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