November 12, 2010

Friday, thank gosh it's Friday!

This is what happens when I get lazy...can we say AWFULl ?? 
But, as I wait for S & C tonight, I'm straightening, cleaning and purging and organizing cause I WILL be creating some stuff tonight! Hubby's away on business and that means easy dinner :) (steaks on grill) and LOTS OF SCRAPPING!!  You heard that right!  I plan on being down in the MomCave of it all and cutting some Sassafras paper up and creating tons of stuff tonight! Plus, since they sent me tons of goodies for being their super big embellishment prize pack winner, I promised Thing 1 some new hair clips and I plan on working on some challenges and submissions.   What are you working on this weekend?  Do Share!!


Tracy said...

What is wrong with your desk it looks perfect to me;)
Have fun creating, I plan on doing some myself tonight.

Valerie said...

So happy to find your blog - thank you for finding mine!
Your work is beautiful - have fun down there in the cave...that's what I do when my hubby travels, too :)

jacque4u2c said...

I agree, my desk looks just like that! I must say at time I love having a clean desk - but if I have major Mojo on - I seem to do better when my desk is cluttered because Ijust grab whatever is in front of me and away I go.....

I hope to get some layouts done this weekend of my KT bug - she has a new school picture that is just calling my name to scrap!

Taj White said...

boy that space looks like a familiar scrap space I know,lol. Can't wait to see what you create, I love me some sassafrass girl!

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