November 14, 2010

weekend wrapup*quick like and an upcoming birthday RAK

Well, it's been a fun some mail from Jacque earlier this week and look J, she has a place of honor !  I had thought about using her as a brush holder but changed my mind; she's too pretty :)   And, J gifted me some scrappin embellishments, love them all! How'd she know I am a big notebook addict??!! It's just a nice blessing when OL friends do such sweet things for me, I am truly amazed all the time by the giving natures of my crafty chicks! Am gonna do a layout with the uber cool flowers sometime this week; my day got  away from me today so I didn't get to squeeze in any crafting at home.  And, wait till you see what I may do with the cute birdees !!  Sorry for the blurry pictures!

Will post about the 7 gypsies tray next, but first, since it's my hubby's birthday today {yeah, he's the BIG 4-8 shhhhh}, I thought I'd do a giveaway! I received so much TYRA MAIL ( I always call scrappy goodies that cause I love ANTM) and there's just no way I should/could keep it all to myself so I'mma do an un- birthday giveaway!  I know, I'm teasing you by not having the picture/stuff ready NOW but This whole daylight savings time makes it dark sooo early and I just got home.  BUT, I received some awesome stuff from Sassafras Lass, the box from Michelle was way over the top awesome and some other goodies I so I want to share it.  There's gonna be some work for it though; I thought I'd change it up this time & am not just gonna draw a name like I always do.  Come back this time tomorrow and SEE WHAT"S UP!!

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jacque4u2c said...

You are sweetie! She looks great! I am so happy she has a nice cozy home. I am thrilled you like notebooks, I think a small one in your purse on the bedside is a must this time a year!

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