March 30, 2011

just drool now and then HOP...

I love all things vintage-y and so wish I could adorn my studio in all whites and creams but with all that I do down there called crafting, and due to lack of $ for a re-do, no can do...but i do mix it all up with stuff I like and in my blog hopping, found THIS PLACE!
OMG....tons of eye candy and ideas and I love that she has an eye for colors and textures and GLITTER! Anyway, there's a giveaway going on, so in addition to hopping over for inspiration and general all around fabulosity, you could win things that look like this! HOP {HERE}but to it quick-giveaway ends tomorrow!

1 comment:

Peachy Laura said...

You are so right Kate, WOW! The Eye Candy! Like you I love all Vintage-y Stuff, this was a great find! Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway announcement!!

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