April 17, 2011

a Spring blessing!

OMG, I've been sooo wanting to be a part of this ever since I've been a fan of Scarlet Lime and the super talented Christy T....I've always thought myself as pretty untalented (my sisters were always the multi-talented ones_ and I finally came to realize that we all have "different" talents; we'd be pretty boring if we could all do the same things right??  But painting is definitely not one of my strong points but still, I wanted to always participate in this so bad; I wanted to see if I could create something based on Things 1 & 2 :
and guess what, I was blessed enough to win a spot in this!!  Yup, some wonderful person who had taken Christy's class was a cancer survivor and decided to PAY IT FORWARD and gifted 10 spots to the class!  Ms. Generous Christy decided to pay it forward as well and added 10 more spots so that means that I get to join the group!  Yipee!!  It's gonna be a fabulous spring break filled with crafting, a field trip for kids, scrapping & dinner & drinks with the ladies, going to drop off some yummy homecooked food to the nephew since he & wifey just had that beautiful baby girl last week and are now home from hospital, and since I see that we may have some warm temps (warm one day, cold the next, tornado watches yesterday LOL) we are gonna go check out some Maryland scenery and have a picnic day/photography adventure with mommy! 


Nitasha said...

Congratulations! I took the first SheArt class and LOVED it! I'm still reviewing the class material! It's jam packed with information and techniques! Enjoy!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I know you are going to LOVE the workshop. I sure did! Can't wait to see your creations. Stop by my blog when you get a chance to see how obsessed I've been with creating "the girls"! LOL

Nice meeting you - have an art-filled day today!

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