May 26, 2011

Just something he made....

TheFirst Grade pod went to the National Zoo 2 weeks ago and each kid had to pick out their favorite animal before going so that they could do a special project on that animal when they got back...well, we all know it's no surprise that Thing 2 has a special place in his heart for ZEBRAS; he's loved zebras ever since he was about 3 yrs old and rec'd his first "Build-A-Bear" type zebra Mack Max (above having dinner LOL) (he's got 2 names since Thing 2 would change it every week when he was younger and learning to speak )...Mack Max has to darn near go everywhere we go-even on the Amtrak Auto Train!

So anyway, they had a great time, came back & completed their projects and had a special celebration to showcase them and I was so surprised and proud at how great a job he did! This boy of mine keeps amazing me every chance he gets! He gets help from a fantastic team- thank you Sweeney baby, Cindy and Amanda-we can't do it without you!

He was so proud and it was just so evident not just in that big smile, but in how he was trying so hard! It was very crowded and for a hearing impaired child, it requires a lot of focus and concentration and he did an awesome job! 

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