May 15, 2011

Super Sunday

...just a nice, sunny quiet Sunday (different from all those storms and lightning yesterday huh?) ...the boys are out at a party and so it's just me & the girl child here...she's doing homework so I guess that means I should do something productive (like blogging loL) ..I haven't shared any crafty stuff cause last week I was a " solo" parent since the hubs was traveling to Chicago (and all I got was this coffee cup-where's the Oprah favorite things???)...and it was just mad I tell ya!  In addition to all the mom stuff & school stuff, I had scheduled 3 Dr's appointments months in advance so I had to keep them.  For all you single parents out there, I salute you! And it makes me appreciate all that my husband and I do together to run our household in a balanced way.

 I did have time to knock some dents in my May reads each evening after the kiddos were in bed...I didn't want to go downstairs and scrap cause I would've stayed up till 3 am and then would've been no good for school wakeups.....people that know me know I don't do kids who oversleep and miss the bus so we don't even do that in this house :)
I didn't get to spend ANY time in my scrapstudio and I am feeling a bit of weirdness but I will have some down time tonight so I'll go down there and do some cleanup and multitask some layouts ( I have some stuff to do for Twisted Sketches and for a gift)  while I watch Celebrity Apprentice!
Hope to get back to the blogging and crafting this week!  Thanks for coming by; I know I've been slacking :):):):):):):):):)

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